Just wanted to say hi to all. I've been part of the linux, open source, security and general computing community since around '98. I began my paid career as a Sybase DBA, moved onto systems administration almost immediately thereafter, and in '99 made a goal to try my best to eliminate windows from my job description ;-)

I've done that, though I still keep up with the technology for more or less academic issues (you can't hate what you don't know, right?). Anyway, I tend not to be much of a zealot, really. I understand motivations to use MS, and I'm here to help and be helped on whatever OS the day is forcing us to deal with.

My main focal points now are database design, NIS -> LDAP migration, webmaster-type stuff, and some other stuff I'm forgetting. Oh yeah, occasionally I get to (digitally) LART lusers.

Glad to meet you all!