Installing Slackware 9.1/10

I saw one other tutorial, by er0k but it wasn't very helpful to me (no offense er0k) so I decided to write this one. The first step is to obtain the ISO's; as with er0k, I would recommend If you are unsure which to download, get i386.

Now to burn the CD I have no prefrence. You can do it as er0k said to do on a *nix box using the following...
bash-2.05$ cdrecord -scanbus

/* this will tell you where your burning device is located and how it can be recognized by cdrecord. , we'll say it returned LITE-ON 0,0,0
for SAG */

bash-2.05$ cdrecord dev=0,0,0 -eject /path/to/slackware/iso
Or like me, on a Windows machine. MAKE SURE YOU BURN AS DISK IMAGE NOT DATA OR IT WON'T WORK!! For best results I burn at lowest speed and have it test the data after it's finished burning.

Since I am going to boot from the CD I need to set up my BIOS so that it boots CDROM before your HDD. Just reboot your computer and press DEL (read the top of your screen, it may take a few times if you miss). Once that is set, put CD1 into the CD drive and reboot. It should come up with a prompt that looks something like

Press return. You are then given the following prompt...
Enter 1 to select keyboard map:
If you are using a standard US keyboard press return, otherwise press 1 then enter. A login prompt appears...
slackware login:
Do as the instructions say and type 'root'; press return. The following is displayed.
Don't worry if you've never done this before, and if you're still reading this you haven't. This is a bash prompt (I hope ). Do the following
root@slackware:/# fdisk /dev/hda1
Something like 'command (m for help):' should appear. All you need to do is create a new swap partition. First hit 'n'. It will ask you about the starting cylinder, press return to take the default. You will then be prompted for the size; I would recommend twice your RAM, so '+1024M' for me. Press return and you will be returned to the 'command (m for help):'. Hit 't', and it will ask you which partition you which to change the type of, this should be 1 on a clean box. The type of Linux Swap is 82 which is what you want to set this partition to. Next create another new partition, but make it '+10M' and set the type to 83. Lastly, create a partition and except all the defaults. Hit 'w' and it should write; set it's type to 83. Now you are back at the bash prompt.
root@slackware:/# cfdisk /dev/hda1
Set the 10M partition to bootable and write the table to the disk. You are back at the bash prompt type 'setup'. There's no reason to cover the setting up of your root, boot, or swap partition as it's point and click. The media source from which you will install is the CDROM that you made (or you got here by magic). I am 100% with er0k that you want to know what is going onto your box so select 'expert' install. If you don't know what it does, leave it alone (or read to know what it does). I have the following recommendations.

-Don't install Apache
-Don't install MYSQL
-Don't install PHP
-Don't install KDE
-Don't install ALSA
-Don't install JED or JOE
-Don't install EMACS
-Install CDParanoia if you want your Nautilus to work

Preconfiguration is pretty easy, just read. Good luck on your new box.


PS: Need help drop me a line at or PM me.