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    Question Noob!

    Hey! I'm a bit of a noob! :P and woudl liek a good tutorial to how to hack in general and a few tips and tricks..... I used google and ended up on a bunch of German sites.... I'm more of a warez and IRC kinda phreak.....
    thanks loads!
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    Why didn't you read the first page...........we are a SECURITY SITE, not a stomping ground for dumb sciptkiddies

    A true "hacker" develops their skills over the years through diligence, study and experimentation........there is NO FAST PATH!!!

    Learn your operating system, learn about systems, applications and networks............

    By which time you might have learned NOT to do juvenile things? other wise you will get caught and ruin your life.

    Please think about what I have said and take care

    Good luck
    If you cannot do someone any good: don't do them any harm....
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