One day at Fisher's drugs, Biker Bob walks in, goes to the counter and says
-Hey, Lenny, what's the best... male.... uh... "enhancer" you got?
The pharmacist catches on, -Well, I've got some Extra Strength Viagra, that should do the trick, why u ask?
Biker Bob pulls out the cash and explains,
-Well gimme two boxes full, I've got a hot date tonight: Two chics who are "into that sorta thing", gotta do my best to not dissapoint.
The pharmacist hands over the Viagra and wishes him luck

Next day biker bob goes into the drug store, worn and weary looking with a depressed face. Goes up to the counter and says:!

The pharmacist looks at him and is barely finished saying -What's wrong bud?, when Biker Bob unzips his pants and reveals his... "member", all worn and raw.

-Holy Crap!, exclaims Len,'re not thinking of putting Bengay on that, are you?

Biker Bob pays for the Bengay,
-Naw, it's for my arms... the chics never showed