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Thread: Virus -problem

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    Virus -problem


    i have macafee as my Antivirus scanner (v7.0 professional), Today i got a virus alert

    the message sai like:

    destination file :c:\dlltemp.exe\dlltmp.exe

    Virus alert- startpage-al.gen

    Is this really a virus, Couldn't pull up any document on this from google, how got couple from typing the file name.

    Still having problems,

    Thanks in advance


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    I tried searching for the file and the detination name in google. Then I tried virus DB, I also tried Mcafee's virus DB. All of these things turned up nothing. When I tried to search in google for dlltmp.exe I was taken to a chinease wesite called esharer. Nothing there. So my guess is that you are giving us the wrong info. In order to accuratley help you I would need the name of the virus that Mcaffe is saying is present on your machine. Do a scan again and high light all the info and copy and past it here. If it wont let you right click to copy it then high light all text click off of the page, like on your desktop, and then press ctrl and then v in the post your reply box here on AO. When you post accurate info then myself and others can be of help.
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    I deleted that file itself, Disabled my antivirus and deleted it, The name of the virus as I said was startpage-Al.gen. i don't know whether the issue is resolved or not but would like to get some info.

    Hope this helps,


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    Looks like a variant of the Startpage A Trojan. It should have reset your start page/ home page in IE.

    I would recommend Trend Micro AntiVirus.

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    I did find a little information on a startpage-e trojan on Symantec's site not sure if they are related. Anyways, this write-up mentions it really screws with your hosts file:

    Overwrites the Windows Host file with serveral hundred lines that prevent you from opening certain Web pages.
    You may want to check-out your hosts file to ensure it's intact.


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    I suppose unless you copied it right out of the virus message box itself that the L's could be capital I's or possibly even 1's. If you try different variations of that when searching you may find something.


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