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Thread: Jose Contreras situation / thoughts?

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    Jose Contreras situation / thoughts?


    For those of you not aware of the situation, Jose Contreras, a pitcher for the New York Yankees defected from Cuba about 2 years ago. After two years, his family has defected to the US to be reunited with him.

    First things first, I'm happy that the family is reunited, and this is nothing against them. Second I'm happy that people in other countries still believe in the US enough to risk their lives / fortunes / families to come here and live. That gives me hope if nothing else.

    Now with that out of the way, why is this such a big deal?

    I hear this all over ESPN, about the happy reunion and such. Does no one care that there are LOTS of people that risk their lives, coming over in makeshift rafts, and having to be picked up by the Coast Guard. Then they are taken to refugee camps of sorts, where the will spend alot of time. I'm not sure what happens to all of them, but I seriously doubt that all of them get to stay in the first place.

    However, you get a guy with a $36 million contract with the Yankees, lets roll out the red carpet for the guy and his family. Pave the way to having them reunited for a good press story. Sure he risked alot when he defected, but now he is rich, and if you ask me essentially bought his family here. I'm much more impressed with the people who are risking their lives just to get here, so why are they treated so differently, and not getting any press whatsoever.

    Does this bother anyone else?

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    I care, the media feeds what the people devour. No one wants peace and happy stories, thay want to hear about how a 4 year old was clubed to death by their mother. Not that somone got an award or made a nice day for someone. They want you to view their elite as monarchy to be bowed to and revered. No spell checker today, that should be re-veer-ed.

    In fact their are other huge stories out there besides Iraq, like peole dying by the thousands at the hands of militants. Keyword - Darfur makes the dead to bring peace in Iraq seem insignificant. Where is the media outcry? Oh it's not politically advantagous, but I CARE.
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