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Thread: Need suggestions on this setup

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    Need suggestions on this setup

    I recently ordered a new computer from Tiger Direct... And it's got a pretty big HD (200 gig). I'm going to install Slackware 9.1 and Windows 2k. But I need some advice for partitions. This is my first time dual booting anything so I don't want to do something I'd regret

    I think I want to do it like this:

    --Start of HD--

    * NTFS partition for Windows
    * FAT32 partition for use by both OSes (MP3s, etc)
    * Linux Swap
    * ext3 /
    * ext3 /var
    * ext3 /etc
    * ext3 /home

    --End of HD--

    What do you think?

    A couple things I was unsure about:

    - Is it OK to have a FAT32 partition so that both can access it? I know that Linux has problems with NTFS so I figured the logical solution would be FAT32... Or is there a better solution?

    - About the ext3 partitions: Do I need more such as /bin? Or did I get the major ones?

    The computer hasn't arrived yet so I still have time to revise my plans. Now I'd like to hear your feedback.



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    Hmmm, 200 GB, and you said something about MP3s, I'd recommend you NOT use Ext3. It's not as fast as ReiserFS when it comes to general speed. some people may say it's not but using a File System bench mark tool, you can see for yourself ReiserFS is generally a better choice.

    I'd also agree with you on install 2000 first as it complains about not being first.

    I don't make many other partitions for Slackware other than / and /Swap, and it works out fine, so if you want to save yourself some time that may help. Fat32 should work fine for your other partition, but if you really get down to performance, it may not go as fast. Generally the fastest part of a HD is the begining, which is where /Swap should be, as it's faster, but putting Windows in it too kind if kills that idea because it will complain.

    What other Hardware are you popping in here?

    So far it seems fine.

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