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    Network Security or related Posters

    Good day,

    I did a search on the forums, and all I could find was a post about microsoft's posters. So forgive me if this has been done already.

    I'm having a slow day and work, and I wanted to share with you some of the free Network Poster sites that I found. Some are PDF's or referece guides, some are ones you order via mail(free).

    Tripwire's free posters (2)

    Great posters, good size. One is entitled "Servers Under Siege: A Day in the Life of an IT Defender". More of an illustrated view of day to day operations.
    The second is entitled "Common Exploits & Vulnerabilities Matrix" which a pretty good all encompassing chart.

    Sans Roadmap(requires a free Sans.org login, which you should have anyway)

    Another good all encompassing poster. Good size and quality, plus free.

    Non-vendor site:

    Nifty little site with PDF downloads of alot of reference material, plus pdf versions of some of the posters listed above. Nice reference cards for NMAP options and some programming reference cards.

    Please share your contacts for getting free computer/network/security related posters, either via the mail (nice cubical decoration) or over the web.



    Sniffer's Protocol Poster:

    Haven't seen it yet, but I think I used to have an older one. Never hurts to know your protocols.

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    The Tripwire-link was posted before (don't know about the other ones). I received mine (the "Common Exploits" one) a couple of months ago, and it's a nice one
    Thanks for the other links!

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    Hey, this is off-topic but:

    How does a person in their mid 40's with no computer experien ce get a sys admin job?
    Why would you be looking for a system administration job if you have no computer experience? Just asking.
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    Heh, I never read it like that. But now that I read it again, it makes sense.

    I'm an E-5 in the Air Force and for the past 5 years I've seen all my jobs be contracted out to GS or DoD contractor's with little to no experience at all. So its more of a, "how the hell do people like that get jobs in the first place?"

    At least I know that I will be able to secure a job after I get out. Then I will be taking some poor NCO's job. Ahhh the vicious cycle.

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