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    Question Unable to view certain sites

    I am wondering if someone can help me a little bit. There are certain people in my building here that are unable to view certain .org sites. Would there be any reason for that? The thing that is bad is we are running WINS here because it is still an NT 4.0 Network. I personally can get to any of the .org sites that some are requesting but only a select (random) few are unable to access them. If anyone has any idea's I'd really appreciate it.

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    By 'in my building' do you mean at work? Is the 'building' using a third party app like Smart/Secure Filter? Have you checked the proxy settings on the comps that can't access the sites and compared them to the settings on the ones that can? Where I am, sometimes a site won't load for me, crazy mexican cable company....but if I load Proxomitron I can get them to download....
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    Yes a third party app like Smart/Secure Filter...might be the reason...and try having a look at the Hosts file.........See if they are listed there to the loopback address......some Adware/spyware are known to block Security/Anti Spyware Sites

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    I'm guessing you're using a router. Make sure the router has the right MTU value as the modem. By default usually they're at 1500, but sometimes you'll have to change that value to 1492 or 1454 depending on whats going on there. Have your system admin take a look at those values.

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    Yes in my building I mean at my work. I have checked the settings for the proxy server on all the computers in question and compared to others and have noticed that they are all the same. I haven't looked for that filtering software I'll tackle that next. I have checked the host file and everything looked good there. It's just really confusing, I have been working with Active Directory and DNS for so long and now that I'm at a new place that is a step behind it's hard to remember some of the things we have worked with a while ago. Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

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    Third party app like Smart-Secure Filter be why
    Are tehy listed under loopback
    And what is your MTU value?

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    Wanna know for sure? Simply throw a sniffer on one of the hosts and watch where the failure occurs. This will take all of 5 minutes and you'll know exactly where the issue lies.

    AnalogX is a very simple W32 sniffer. Give it a try.

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    Thanks for the idea's I'll check back with you guys on Monday to let you know how it goes. I appreciate your help!

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