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Thread: Disable Service from Command Prompt

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    Disable Service from Command Prompt

    I google that realy fast and found nothing that worth it. (A lot of info how to disable a service from Microsolf Management Console and that it).

    So does anyone know how to disable service from a command prompt?

    I want to make a batch file to run on my network computer that will change the startup settings of some service. (Messenger, Alerter, Etc)
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    net stop?

    Syntax: net stop <service>

    This will stop the service, not disable it. But if the script runs each time they login, then it won't matter.

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    You can use NET START and NET STOP to stop or start a servic.......or are you looking for something else

    sc query <servicename> will give you status on any service whether it is started or not


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    If you have the resource kit installed you can also use the service.vbs

    C:\Documents and Settings\user&gt;service /?
    Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

    Controls services on a machine.

    1. Service.vbs /L
    [/S &lt;server&gt;][/U &lt;username&gt;][/W &lt;password&gt;]
    [/O &lt;outputfile&gt;]

    2. Service.vbs /G | /X | /R | /D | /M &lt;StartMode&gt;
    /N &lt;service&gt;
    [/S &lt;server&gt;][/U &lt;username&gt;][/W &lt;password&gt;]
    [/O &lt;outputfile&gt;]

    3. Service.vbs /I /E &lt;execname&gt; /N &lt;service&gt; [/C &lt;DisplayName&gt;]
    [/S &lt;server&gt;][/U &lt;username&gt;][/W &lt;password&gt;]
    [/O &lt;outputfile&gt;]

    /L List all Services
    /D List Service dependencies
    /G Start a Service
    /X Stop a Service
    /R Remove a Service
    /M Set the Service Mode
    /I Install a service
    /E The Full path and filename of the service
    StartMode The Service Startup Setting.
    Service A Service Name
    DisplayName The Service name that appears in the listing/
    server A machine name.
    username The current user's name.
    password Password of the current user.
    outputfile The output file name.

    1. cscript Service.vbs /L /S MyMachine2
    List installed services for the machine MyMachine2.
    2. cscript Service.vbs /X /N snmp
    Stops the snmp service on the current machine.
    EDIT: I'll attach service.vbs in a file called service.zip for ya just in case you want it.
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    or use SC by itself


    "Communicates with the Service Controller and installed services. SC.exe retrieves and sets control information about services. You can use SC.exe for testing and debugging service programs. Service properties stored in the registry can be set to control how service applications are started at boot time and run as background processes. SC.exe parameters can configure a specific service, retrieve the current status of a service, as well as stop and start a service. You can create batch files that call various SC.exe commands to automate the startup or shutdown sequence of services. SC.exe provides capabilities similar to Services in the Administrative Tools item in Control "

    sc [ServerName] config [ServiceName] [type= {own|share|kernel|filesys|rec|adapt|interact type= {own|share}}] [start= {boot|system|auto|demand|disabled}] [error= {normal|severe|critical|ignore}] [binpath= BinaryPathName] [group= LoadOrderGroup] [tag= {yes|no}] [depend= dependencies] [obj= {AccountName|ObjectName}] [displayname= DisplayName] [password= Password]
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    Thank guy! I use the "sc config Alerter start= disabled" command and it work good! You made me happy! Greenie for you 3!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    get the sysinternals pstools. Its awesome. I use it all the time when some of the designers and developers have too many services running on their PCs.

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