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Thread: 'am a little bit confused...

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    'am a little bit confused...

    sorry for bothering you. please spare some time and just read thru. i hope i have a cause.

    i am basically an architect, 23 year old, with a keen interest in software technology. out of sheer interest, along with my architecture degree i did my diploma in software technology.
    i know c, java and oracle better and is particularly interested in c programming and is a adamant lover of linux/unix. though i have done some application softwares, i am more interested in low level system programming.
    now i am writing this letter for a particular reason. for the last one year i was totally into architecture and is doing well. but there was always this internal urge towards programming. now i am thinking about a shift to software field. as i said my area of interest is particularly in the low level system programming and stuffs related with kernel development and linux. and hence itself i am a little bit confused about how to go about getting into such a company. indeed i even have my own dreams about developing an os.but right now i need to learn more. i have to admit that i dont have much practial knowledge in this field. hence i have to get into an organisation where i can have an intimate experiance with such developments.
    i am mailing you in a hope that you may be able to help me over the same.i will be very greatful if you can pleae give my your openions about where and how i should try. i live in bangalore, india.
    let me state my sole aim in this venture.-knowledge-.

    thanking you,
    manu mathew thomas.
    ph:091 080 36846763

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    In the interests of your personal security, you might want to edit your post and take out the phone number.
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    Manuni > I deleted your duplicate post and sent you a PM on how to edit your post so it doesn't show your phone number and email address anymore.

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    Well job wise, most places won't take you without experience. I would say you should just start working on open source projects trying to increase your C and Java skills. Look around there are projects everywhere looking for people that know C or Java.

    (To damn bad, I can't find any for perl.)

    Most open Source projects have so many people that are really good at the langauge they have will have no problem helping you increase your skill in the langauge and coding.

    If you get good enough, or even know you can just try to find a kernel project to work on, there are plenty out there.

    **** download a distro, and just work on adding stuff.

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