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Thread: Earthlink blocks port 25

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    Earthlink blocks port 25

    Since I've had home ADSL from Earthlink, I have been running a small SMTP server, and it worked fine (I use it with my own domain name). However, since about a month ago, they blocked port 25 and I can no longer receive any e-mail to the server. They do say that I can run whatever server I want, just that they block port 25 now.

    Does anyone know a free alternative I can use, in which I can still use my domain, and especially if I can still use my own mail server? (Like port fowarding or something..?)

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    If you're not lucky, just like me, and your ISP will not unblock you port 25, there is another low cost alternative:

    have a look at no-ip.com

    They offer to redirect you mail to another port on your machine... You just specify no-ip as your mail manager (MX record in DNS) and they will receive the mail and redirect it on another port...

    Receive mail to your own mail server, even if your ISP blocks port 25 or you're not always online.
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