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    Question File Encryption Program

    Well as everyone always states i ran a search on AO for Encryption and as you would imagine that was about as helpful as looking for water on an island.

    I am looking for a fast encryption/decryption program to keep my personal files encrypted on my company laptop. I am looking for a reliable program that will allow me to pick and choose individual files and encrypt them at will. I am not interested in windows efs. btw if you didnt guess it is a windows XP machine.
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    I use PGP to achieve what you're trying to do.

    You may already know about PGP, but if not give a try.
    Hope this helps.

    Ooops, DeadAddict already mentioned PGP . Ok than let me SECOND PGP

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    Another good PGP program is WinPT . I use it, and it works nicely.
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    Ncrypt. It is also multi-platform. It also comes with a nice file wiper that works really well and wipes the slack-space.
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    You want something simple? Check out cryptainer. Uses 128bit encryption and you can store them on any storage device like floppy and thumbdrive.

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    I would use bcrypt or one of it's blowfish derived cousins. You use XP, so I am not certain what packages are available to you; perhaps ncrypt or pgp as others have mentioned.

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    Very good one...

    RipCoder, i don't remember where i downloaded it but is very good an simple.

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