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    Blank screen

    g'day all i have a problem with an ibook 300mhz cllamshell running os 10.2.8 and it wont start up it goes throughth the startup procedure boots the os the n when ure supposed to get the login screen it goes blank to a white screen i still have control of the volume, contrast, mouse, and the startup restart and sleep key.

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    Are you able to re-install the operating system by any chance?
    If you can see if a clean re-install will fix the problem.
    Only other suggestion that i can think of is maybe sending it into a Shop and paying to get it Repaired.

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    Has it been like this since you had it or have you recently installed something (hardware or software) that could have caused the problem?

    Do you have a Radion Graphics card by any chance, I have seen a couple of macs that act like this and they all had radion G/C's.
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