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Thread: Future Security Career???

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    Future Security Career???

    I am just going to college to major in computer science (hopefully). And i was wondering what kind of jobs you can get with computer security? Can company's hire you to find vulnerabilities in their systems so they can fix them? If so what would that title be besides white hat hacker lol.? Since Computer Science is a broad field im trying to focus on Computer security and need a place to start. Any suggested tutorials or links?

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    you probably mean a computer security consultant....

    a place to start in the field of computer security, a brief search would find you heaps of sites .. but try www.securityfocus.com, this site, www.insecure.org and many more .. try search on google

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    Get a job in the field. Start off by doing basic networking, windows and unix administration. Then move on the the security field. That way you'll get a "feel" for the job and their users. You'll need all the experience you can get if you want to cut it in the security field.
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    Just a small addition to what SirDice said:

    Even if you get a job at a help desk, try to involve yourself with as many security minded issues as you can. Get to know your security team, talk to them, ask them if its ok if you shadow them on some work (most of the time they won't mind, as security work can get tedious, and they are always willing to blind you with their knowledge =P).

    Usually this is the best way to break into something. Getting to know the procedures and terminology is half the battle. And plus when you are looking for a job in security, you have contacts in the field that will know you, your work ethic, and you willingness to learn, which is crucial.

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    Any suggested tutorials or links?
    As a small addition to fyrewall's post - You can find some of the best tutorials around right here on AO.
    Security tutorial forum
    General (not security related but still helpful) tutorials
    Index of all tutorials
    There's a wealth of knowledge right there^ You can gain much more just by hangin' around the site and reading about all the problems that come up and the solutions that are found for them. Good luck with the career!

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    thanks guys, its much appreciated

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