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Thread: somthing for the old timers

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    somthing for the old timers

    does anyone here rember the wank worm or the w. worm (same worm) from the late 80's
    I was reading somting and it's name came up and I rember when it hit. Just wanted to know if anybody here rembered it.
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    I don't remember that virus in particular but for some odd reason when virus's are talked about i always remember the Homer Virus..

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    Back then, if I didn't get it or know I had it, I wasn't worried about it. Non of the computers I worked with were connected to the internet, and we had very strong restrictions about loading a floppy or any noncompany media on our machines.

    I did have a friend who got a virus from a game floppy that one of his operaters loaded into his companies machine. They had to reload the computer completely and lost a couple of days data.
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    The WANK worm hit NASA around October 1989 I think ... "You talk of times of peace for all and then prepare for war" was in the logo that greeted the user which was a line from a song by a popular Australian Band of the times - Midnight Oil.(-- from `Blossom of Blood' on Species Deceases by Midnight Oil)

    This led people to believe the worm was released by two hackers from Melbourne called Pheonix and Electron, although nothing has ever been proved to support this.

    It features in the book Underground (available free to download online here http://www.underground-book.com/) and in the documentary "In the Realm of the Hackers" made by Australian Broadcasting Commission based on the book and these two hackers.

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    Back then, if I didn't get it or know I had it, I wasn't worried about it.
    I was the same way. If a virus came out, half the time I wasn't worried because I was smart at downloading at the vendor's site and making sure everything was right. Viruses just weren't much of a concern. And to answer your question, no. I don't remember that specific one.
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