While gore may be putting this harshly, he has a point. You can't blame an OS for user configuration error, or even just being too new to fully know how to even configure it yet. Do I hold that against you? Of course not, we all start somewhere. But please return that kindness by not dumping on an OS that takes a bit to learn. Learn how to solve the problem so that you come out with knowledge instead of anger.

If you both can provide much more accurate information on error I bet we can show you exactally how to fix it. Tell us what your fstab says (/etc/fstab) and what your current computer configuration is hardware wise. ( I already know one of you posted it, but I saw two people here with the same problem).

Do understand, that asking for help and support on a pirated Suse distrobution is about as effective as calling Microsoft Tech support for assistance in setting up Longhorn

We will still however, do our best.