Maverick811, I know your pain
I'm currently in the process of trying to switch all of my family members over to Mozilla products. I installed Mozilla on my mother's home computer about 8 months ago. She was initially resistent to it (I also installed Firefox on my sister's computer and she was initially resistent too) and my mother couldn't understand why she needed to use another browser when IE worked fine. I harped on her for months to stop using IE and she finally started warming up to Mozilla. The funny thing is, all it took for her to start liking it was a co-worker saying how good Mozilla products were. Here I am, Mr Family Tech Support (I didn't exactly choose to become that ), trying for months to push Mozilla on her...and a co-worker who knows jacksh*t about computer security tells her, it's great! and then she likes it. go figure that one.

Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that your average user simply doesn't like change. any kind of change. It doesn't matter if it's faster, safer, and prettier...they don't like it because it involves *thinking*. Here's the funny part. Mozilla even has a skin template that can make Mozilla look just like IE. Even the people at Mozilla realize how stubborn users can be when it comes to switching products.