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    Originally posted here by r8devil
    [B]IE being the default browser in your system and coming instaled already when you purchase a new system is the problem. If it didnt come with new systems people will have a choice and there would be more variety in the browser used by regular people(not talking about techs here).
    If I didn't have IE installed by default I couldn't download Mozilla ...ah the irony of using IE to download Mozilla which will take over it's job.

    Good discussion and comments AOers... I especially like and agree with the comment about the only way IE will be safe is a complete rewrite -- hit nail on the head there.

    Putting bandaids on this gushing dike ain't gonna work M$!!!

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    ah the irony of using IE to download Mozilla which will take over it's job
    This brings up a valid point, and one I would like to address.

    wget for windows:


    Never EVER leave home without it on a floppy.

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    Originally posted here by jeremy85
    about autoupdate
    i work reloading pcs for end users mostly and they go out with autoupdate on they come back with all the patches downloaded ready to install and tons of worms
    so autoupdate is not the problem the end users are not installing them is part of it.
    some dont know and most dont care untill ......
    When you send them out with the auto update turned on... schedule them to automatically install them. You can say weekly or even daily at a time where the PC is likely to be turned on... such as after dinner time. Or when customers bring in the PCs find out a time that it is likely to be turned on. Put it on the form that you have the customers fill out. Just an idea.

    Never EVER leave home without it on a floppy.
    Who uses those anymore? More like usb flash...
    Quitmzilla is a firefox extension that gives you stats on how long you have quit smoking, how much money you\'ve saved, how much you haven\'t smoked and recent milestones. Very helpful for people who quit smoking and used to smoke at their computers... Helps out with the urges.

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