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Thread: SUS server

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    Question SUS server

    I have recently installed Software Update Server (SUS) on my 2K Server. When I try to access the web-based administrator page (../susadmin/default.asp) -- it gets denied via URL Scan. The logs report "Rejected-By-UrlScan." The irony is that URLScan is installed by SUS ... I previously had URLScan on the system, with default settings only. SUS was installed with all default settings, as well.

    Is this a bug? A feature? A product that breaks itself upon install...

    Any input would be appreciated.


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    If you have left URLScan in it's default config then it is set to disallow access to asp pages. Go into urlscan.ini and page down to the "disallow requests for" section and comment out .asp with a ";", (no quotes required), restart the IIS server and you'll be fine.
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    I had a similar problem when I first started playing around with SUS a few years ago. I ran the IIS lock down utility and unlocked everything (I had locked it previously). That allowed it to work. Then, I ran it again. and locked it down again and it worked fine. I don't know... something you could try. I haven't used SUS in a while and now I actually know what I'm doing with IIS so I lock it down myself. Worth a shot.

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