NVIDIA WILL GO BACK to the future to reintroduce an old concept of making two graphic cards work together later today. We called it SLI in the past and it was a Voodoo only marchitecture.
As Saucy Sander Sassen said in this article, it seems that Nvidia is going back to its roots. It's funny to see that Nvidia is actually attacking Alienware with this patent as Alienware already introduced this marchitecture at E3.

I have one NV45 GT, they now call it Geforce 6800 GT and played with it over the weekend with an Abit 915P and a 3.6 noise edition CPU and noticed that small connector. I believe it is used for internal testing since samples cards are small series made in house.

Anyway if you want to go down that road and buy two graphic cards and plug it in Tumwater you will have to spend the money on a Xeon. Who wants to have a Xeon in house? Well anyone that can afford it?

This is definitely proof that 3dfx still lives inside of Nvidia and that this concept will simply never die. 3dfx was the company that most of their employees adored and everyone was devastated when the company went down.

The good thing that will come from this concept is that important editors will get complete systems since otherwise it would be impossible for most of them to get all the parts you need for this baby to run on.

I wonder whether ATI cards run in similar systems, we will have to ask Alienware whether it can use ATI cards in its setups. I donít see any reason why not.

Nvidia definitely wants its crown back, no matter what the cost.
Source : http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=16872