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    Angry laptop problems

    I had my laptop sitting on my bed it was turned off and it fell off of my bed and know it dose not work any more. When i say it dose not work any more i mean when you go to turn it on the light will flash like it is going to turn on and that it is it dose not make the starting up noise the screen dose not start to turn on just the light flashes i have taken it apart and switched the hard drive but that was not it and i see not physical damage to it dose any one have any suggestions to what it might be.

    Thank you for your time Riot.

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    Maybe you crackes something somehwhere?

    Considering that you dropped theres not much tech support to do as you probably broke part of it somewhere.

    Is it still under warranty?

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    there is a high possibiliy that one of the memory module(s) is not inserted correctly anymore, try removing them and then inserting them again, this is a common problem with laptops which have felt or been heavily transported...

    if this doesn't work then let me know more about your notebook: vendor, type, does it still have warranty...

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    As lepricaun suggests, check that your memory is firmly seated, also your other components such as the video card.

    One of the heaviest components in a laptop is the rechargeable battery. I suggest you check that it is firmly seated, and charging up. Your system should bypass it when it is plugged into the mains, but if the contacts are not being made properly, this may not work. Dropping it may have caused the battery to have become partially disloged or even damaged the contacts.

    You might try the "reset button" if it has one.......................usually a little cocktail stick sized hole somewhere on the case.

    Unfortunately, the most common cause of problems in these situations are cracked/fractured "dry joints"...........that is, soldered connections. This invariably means a trip to the repair shop, as they are not easy to detect, and you may need specialist equipment to fix them ( a de-soldering gun, for example).

    Good luck
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    The problem could be absolutly anything, Nihils post about the dry joints seem the more likley thing that could have happened.

    With a problem like this someone will need to physically be at the laptop in question.

    The easiest way will be to take it into a repair shop!
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    Nihil i was thinking maybe the Board itself might of suffered some damaged from the impact..
    I would defiantly take it into the Computer Repair Shop if you cannot get it Repaired from the Manufacturer or the place of Purchase..
    It could be a Capacitor has came loose, or maybe the Board has suffered a Hair Line Crack witch might be the case, as LapTops don't have that much to protect them from such Impacts.


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    I would bring it to a repair shop and find out if they will charge you anything to look at it and how much it would be to fix it, In most cases it is just better to just go out and buy a new one.

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    I am sorry for making thread i was the memory i must have taken it out and i put it in backwards well up side down it works now after switching it thank you for your help thow.

    Thank you for your time Riot

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    Well, glad that's fixed. that saved you an expensive trip to the repair shop

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    Thank you for your time Riot.

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