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Thread: Sun opens its 3-D Linux desktop

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    Sun opens its 3-D Linux desktop

    By open-sourcing its next-generation Linux desktop technology, Sun Microsystems Inc. is turning over some of its most innovative work to date to the open-source community, sources said.

    Officials at the Santa Clara, Calif., systems maker said at JavaOne here that Sun plans to turn its next-generation Linux desktop, Project Looking Glass, over to the open-source community. The open sourcing of its Looking Glass technology represents a significant move by Sun, which has been under pressure by the open-source community to "open" some of its technology, specifically Java itself.
    Here's a nice slide show on eweek's site, and here's the official project's site.

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    yea it sure looks like, but its not a new idea I think its the fact thats its done by a massive company like sun the reason that this is so hyped.

    I read an article just over a year ago not about another project regarding 3d desktops called desk3d. The link to the project is here http://desk3d.sourceforge.net/ I would of replied sooner but i was unable to find the source, but i cleaned my room up yesterday and found the article.

    the idea is certainly very futuristic but is it needed? a simple start button confuses enough people as it is...


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    New idea or old idea I think it is great eye candy because it gives the desktop more depth to it. and the desktop icons being 3-D will most likely make people want to try it to see how it works and to see if they can make it crash.

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