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Thread: AIM conversation encryption

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    AIM conversation encryption

    I was about to just post this as a quick question in the non-sensible thread in GCC but I thought somebody else might get use out of this in the future... I was wondering - what's the best way to secure AIM conversations?

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    I think this might be what your after:

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    i use that AIMencrypt.com but Raion sent me a link to an e-mail certificate and i imported it into AIM, the log files come out way more scrambled then those with AIMencrypt.com .....

    like this is with AIMecnrypt.com's certificate (me and Raion ) btw: (You both need to have the certificate installed)

    Sysadmnop (12:27:46 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_
    Crash Course01 (12:28:47 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_
    Crash Course01 (12:28:51 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_

    now this one is with one having the e-mail and me the normal one !

    Penther (10:55:32 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_
    Penther (10:55:33 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_
    Sysadmnop (10:55:46 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_ öC-Y¡w6¡ƒÀ’çƍ½Q³ˆ0 *†H†÷
    Sysadmnop (10:55:47 AM): 0€ *†H†÷ €0€1°0_ öC-Y¡w6¡ƒÀ’çƍ½Q³ˆ0 *†H†÷

    as you can see, there are more characters in the encrypted message !

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    use jabber IM (http://www.jabber.org). It has the option to SSL all the communications between the client and the server (it's not the default so you will have to configure it to use SSL). To have end to end encryption of all coommunications both clients must be jabber clients (using SSL) and connected to the same jabber server. A very good client can be downloaded from: http://jajc.ksn.ru (JAJC).

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    You could also check out trillian ( http://www.trillian.cc ); it has a similar feature. In response to what NemorY said... I am not sure you are correct in your evaluation. Although my experience in the field is limited, it is my understanding that the length of an encrypted message is not all that relavent to the strength of the cipher. I know that repetition of characters and lengths can be looked at by cryptologists and all but I'm not sure you can say that one is stronger than the other just because it has more characters.

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