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Thread: How do you find out someones IP

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    How do you find out someones IP

    is there any way to find out someones ip remotly..? stupid question but tryin to learn

    try not to lose me keep in mind im fairly new and only have basic knowlege

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    Well, the absolutely best way is to ask them what it is. Although most users don't have a clue what their own IP is.
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    www.whatistheirip.com :-p

    sure you can, you can do an IP scan, ummm you can direct connect to someone, via e-mail....um via those 1337 AIM toolz, where u send a link to them and they click in and it sends you their ip...etc...

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    Well there are a number of ways that you can get someone's IP, the easiest would be while your got a direct connection with them..
    Yahoo Messenger for instance..
    When your sending them a file, it could be anything from a picture to a small program..
    But while the file is being sent simply open your Ms-Dos window
    (Click start, then click on Run... Then type "Command")
    Then once the Dos window opens simply type
    netstat -r
    and a stuff similar to the attachement should appear

    Hope that somehow answers your question..


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    asking them to run ipconfig from their dos prompt

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    If they are using 56.6 dial-up or DSL you will have to ask each time you want to make a connection, as the ISP allocates IP addresses from a "block" of available numbers, and it will change each time they connect to the ISP.

    If they don't want you to have the address, and know what they are doing, you have no chance. You will just run into a proxy.

    For example, I have just loaded Steganos Internet Anonym on this machine. It randomly selects anonymous proxy servers every few seconds, giving you insufficient time to trace the IP address, even if you could.

    The principle is similar to changing passwords regularly, if it is a strong password, and you change it frequently enough, it should have changed before anyone has time to brute force it.


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    Geez, you'd figure for a "mastacracka" you'd know how to get someone's IP. You'd also figure for a "mastacracka" you wouldn't only have "basic knowledge".
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    Damn, my eyes must be failing, I thought the tag said 'skid_kid'

    As posted elsewhere: Why is it that those with L33t / Cracka / Haxxoor etc, are ALWAYS the ones asking the same low level questions ?

    Not like ME of course
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    Geez, you'd figure for a "mastacracka" you'd know how to get someone's IP. You'd also figure for a "mastacracka" you wouldn't only have "basic knowledge".
    So that means i should delete my UniXmAsTa AOL account ?

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    Yep. You are not a Unix Masta. Trust me
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