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Thread: WebHelper Spyware List: July 15, 2004 rev

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    WebHelper Spyware List: July 15, 2004 rev

    I thought it would be a good idea to post this link that I found on a anti-spyware related forum which can be used by fellow AO'ers in figuring out if a particular IP is related to spyware.

    This person, WebHelper, works tirelessly to track what IPs are related to spyware and keeps this list updated every few days. It has helped me many times in investigations I've been involved in related to spyware.

    WebHelper TheWatcher Spyware List Updated July 15, 2004:

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    Webhelper also has a very interesting site dedicated to CWS. He even shows what an infection would look like from the victim's computer and the domains & IPs that correspond with CWS. Certainly worth a look: http://www.webhelper4u.com/cws/

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