hey guys /gurlz, plz take some time to read the artical and tell me frankly has our beloved google lost the reac for 1gb of free storage space race to rediff.com i collected some news articals as evidence
Confusion surrounds Googles GMail project ...General
Posted on Thursday, April 01, 2004 at 15:10 by Andy Barker

There is a growing amount of confusion surrounding Google's announcement that it is going to introduce a new service called gmail. It's seemingly outlandish claims of providing 1GB of storage space for each user for free, as well as the fact that it has introduced this service on April 1st, have split Journalists who are struggling to decide if it's one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of April Fool's day or simply that Google picked a terrible date to announce a radical new departure from it's current business.

The move will be seen (even if it's not true) as a direct response to Yahoo!'s recent move into search engine technology, although questions may be asked about the the effect of such a hoax on its competitors if this turns out to be an April Fools joke.

I'm afraid we at IT Vibe can shed no light on the announcement other than to say if we were planning to announce a new service, which was so radically different to our current business, we wouldn't have picked today to do it.


Gmail terabyte increase was down to 'bug' ...General
Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 15:31 by Andy Holliday

We reported earlier that some users of Google's Gmail service discovered that their capacity had been increased from a huge 1 gigabyte to an unfeasibly large 1 TERABYTE.

It has since transpired that this was due to a "bug" and Google are actively working to resolve this.

This will come as a huge relief to their rivals as they were no doubt struggling to cope with 100mb for everyone, let alone a gigabyte or even a terabyte

Indian portal offers 1GB mail storage

By Staff writers, TechWeb News
Monday, June 21, 2004

The space race by free email providers continued last week as an Indian web portal upped its storage allowance to 1GB.

Rediff.com, headquartered in Mumbai, India, increased the storage capacity of its free Rediffmail service to a full gigabyte, matching the magic number extolled by Google, which began the race for bigger mailboxes when it announced it's not-yet-released Gmail in April. Other changes to Rediffmail include the ability to send attached files as large as 10MB.

"Rediffmail 1GB is a reality and available today, ahead of any other email service available in the world," said Ajit Balakrishnan, the chairman and chief executive officer of Rediff.com. "Users no longer have to worry about deleting mail to stay within the storage limit. They can instead keep all the mails they want, for as long as they like."

Portals providing web based email have raced to respond to the upcoming Gmail by boosting storage space for their users. This week, Yahoo began allotting free users 100MB and giving its US$20-per-year premium customers 2GB of space. In May, the European edition of Lycos raised its storage allowance to 1GB.

Also last week, the BetaNews site reported that Microsoft is considering increasing the storage space for its Hotmail service. According to insider information acquired by BetaNews, Blake Irving, vice president of MSN's group, told employees that MSN will boost storage space for Hotmail as early as July.

"We are going to respond in a big way and will eliminate email storage as an issue for our users," BetaNews quotes Irving as saying.

His comments were directed primarily against Yahoo, leading users of BetaNews' message forums to theorise that Hotmail will match Yahoo's 100MB storage capacity. Others wondered if the space race might be unnecessary in the end.

One user wrote, "It would be funny if Gmail never took off, and everybody increased their mailbox size fearing that 1GB that would never arrive."

Currently, the free version of Hotmail offers only 2MB of storage space; the service sells larger quantities at annual prices that range from US$30 for 25MB to US$60 for 100MB.

Microsoft would neither confirm nor deny that it was about to up storage space of Hotmail. "We have nothing specific to announce at this time," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

The most Microsoft would admit was that it "recognises the marketplace is changing and we're exploring additional product changes. For instance, we are evaluating and will trial storage options with customers to understand what works best for them and the overall Hotmail community," added the spokesperson.

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so does this mean that rediff has won the 1 gb storage space race ..and google is still far behinde with its gmail still in beta and test version , where as rediff is active!!

plz lemme know your comments on the topic