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Thread: New FAQ

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    New FAQ

    The new FAQ is online, and can be reached at http://www.antionline.com/faq, or
    by clicking Site FAQ in the Site Menu on the front page.

    You'll see a complete list of all FAQs.

    To Sort the FAQs by Category, click the Display FAQ Categories link in the header or footer menu.

    The FAQ categories:

    - About AntiOnline
    - Reading and Posting
    - Member Functions
    - Site Benefits - Member Status
    - AntiPoints
    - Problems with AntiOnline or its users
    - Special Features

    Displayed are the number of FAQs in each category. Also displayed:

    - List all FAQs: gives you a list of all FAQs in the selected category with a short summary (95 characters) of the answer.
    - List Questions: gives you a list of all questions in the selected categery without a summary of the answer.

    When displaying a FAQ with its answer, you'll see:
    - the Question with its Answer
    - the last updated date
    - the user rating for the article displayed by yellow/light grey/dark grey boxes.

    You have the option to:
    - rate the article (Not Helpful, Slightly Helpful, Quite Helpful, Very Helpful) and state a reason. The reason is only visible to administrators of the FAQ.
    - have the FAQ emailed to you by clicking on the envelope-symbol.
    - get a printer-friendly version of the FAQ by clicking on the printer-symbol.

    Clicking on List all FAQs in the Header/Footer Menu will display a list of all Questions in the FAQ, accompanied by keywords.
    Selecting the keyword(s) will take you directly to the Question and its Answer.

    Search the FAQs (Header/Footer Menu) gives you extensive FAQ search options (through Advanced Search). There is no character-minimum.

    Email Subscription (Header/Footer Menu) gives you the option to have FAQs sent to you by email (HTML or ascii format).

    Keep in mind that the FAQ isn't complete, as it's an ongoing work (it's still being worked on as we speak). Suggestions for new topics are always welcome!


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    Surfing the FAQ is painfull.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    How about you guys move the AO banner to the left border (looks retarded in the middle), and um Tx for finally updating the FAQ, i see great stuff in there, if i have any new ideas, i'll post them !

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    Tx for finally updating the FAQ, could you guys move the banner to the left border though looks retarded this way. and i have a question....small bug

    Gold dots are reserved for exceptional members. For now, only one member has a gold dot: JP, AntiOnline's founder.

    Doesn't intmon have one too ?

    If i find something bigger i'll post it, back to reading.

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    Exellent stuff. Maybe its time I used some AP's.

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