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Thread: JP's Personal Page Gone?????

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    JP's Personal Page Gone?????

    Ok just wondering what happened to JP's personal page?
    It's no longer on the front page, just wondering why it isn't there anymore??


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    Senior Member DeadAddict's Avatar
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    Hmm I thought it was just me the front page does look different they did add Top 10 Thread Starters list to the front page.

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    AO übergeek phishphreek's Avatar
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    Its still there... looks like just the link is missing..


    The top 10 Thread Starters was always there... AFAIK
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    Hmm mnstrgrl must of went over board when either removing code from the site or maybe it was done for a reason..

    thanks guys


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    wasn't it supposed to stay for a year..

    well I think we've come to the end of that year..

    luckily for JP, lots of people have a "come to YICS" link in their sig
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    But still i was a little shocked to see it Removed from the Front Page
    Wonder if there going to let him keep he's gold dot as well? Or is that getting taken away aswell..

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    ...but then he could just make his custom title "Founder'

    ~edit, in all seriousness, though....if I had a commercial site, I wouldn't want to put a link up to other sites that could draw attention away from this one, especially not on the front page. I know (or think I remember reading) JP signed some sort of a "non-compete" to prevent him from making another site similar to AO, so why not make another site that has security, or computers in general as one of the forums....and use AO to pimp it... they basically took away his free advertising, guess he'll have to pay now, too. The AO logos part of his page is kewl, though, I think.
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    Finally! w00t!
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    Well, not to play devil's advocate, but he sold the AO domain which included everything, these forums as well, and probably made out very well financially. The new owners might have agreed to keep things around for a year or whatever, but if it's up, it's up. Once the sale is final, the new owner doesn't have to sign anything allowing anything on their new purchase.
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    Originally posted here by DeadAddict
    Hmm I thought it was just me the front page does look different they did add Top 10 Thread Starters list to the front page.
    Been there for a while
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