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Thread: Nero VCD Burning

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    Nero VCD Burning

    OK im pissed like ****...before i had the problem that nero didnt have a MPEG-2 encoder but i fixed that, today i connected my new dvd system and it supports VCDs, i was going to make one but then when it starts burning...step 1 is encoding and i get that error below, even if i get this to work again, nero just makes it too big to be written on a CD-R, one of my friends used some utility when he ripped dvds to SVCDs and it allowed him to burn 850 mb movies onto CD-Rs...anyone know how to fix that nero problem (i tried 2 versions of nero6 already, reinstalled them both) or of any other good software to let me burn them (possibly a software just for VCDs/SVCDs??), thanks all

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    I probably won't be of much help.. but when I'm burning DVDs (I make DVDs... not VCDs) I use DVDShrink. I beleive that it can rip the DVD to any size you want...

    I've never seen the quality of a VCD... but when making backups of DVDs... as long as you remove all the "junk" (menus, extra languages, subtitles, FBI warnings, etc) the quality is great. If you want all the extra junk... then you can burn that to a second DVD. Or in your case... VCD.

    Suggestion: Go to www.videohelp.com and look at their howtos... they have at least a half dozen dealing with different tools for making DVD to VCD.
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