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Thread: malicious program?

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    malicious program?

    i have just finished installing windowsxp but when i restart my computer, window is trying to end a program called "should not see me" sound kinda weird. am i infected by backdoor/trojan

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    check the task manger and figure out if at all any other process other than that should be running/ also try using the process explorer from

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    It's a common thing, and nobody seems to know exactly what causes it. It definitely isn't anything malicious, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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    If memory serves me right it is a Windows Installer issue. If you download a new installer it should clear up. It isn't harmful to your machine. But I think the issue is around the Windows Installer.

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    if you want to read some more discussion on this:: Long thread on it found here:

    Anti adware, spyware, virus scanners, etc found nothing, so don't worry abou it.

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