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    Firefox/Firefox Extensions

    OK, here we go !

    Firefox extensions !

    First off let's start with the basics.

    What is FireFox ?

    Firefox is a browser. An open-source browser actually, which you can use with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is better then most current browsers out there, such as IE, MyIE2 or others because it provides more features to secure your online surfing and allows you to do more while surfing online. It also allows you to use so called "Extensions", very small files you install to enhance your FireFox. Right now there are 195 extensions out there, i will cover the ones that benefit you the most.

    The main reason why Firefox is better then Microsoft's Internet Explorer (currently most used out there) is because firefox is more secure. It is not integrated windows, that prevents viruses and crackers to do damage to Windows directly like over IE. It has also more less vulenrabilities than IE.

    More reasons to use Firefox are:

    Built in pop-up blocker: (Who likes those pop-ups anyways)
    Download Manager: No 3rd party software needed to pause/resume downloads.
    Tab Browsing: Who likes many IE widnows open ? I know i don't, i'd rather have one window open and a lot fo tabs in there. Uses less resources too.
    Privacy/Options: Easy to navigate Options to clear password, history, cache etc. Themes also available (For those who like to customize their browser.)
    Copied text: When copying text from firefox and pasting it into notepad, it keeps the same format as on the website.'
    Security: IE is the most targeted browser for malicious programs, plu-ins etc, using Firefox can save you a headache.

    One more thing included in Firefox is Talkback. It is a client application and server which asks you to send information to mozilla if your FireFox crashes, with that you can help them to improve the next update of Firefox.

    Now to extensions !

    What is an extension.

    As i said before, it is a small file downloaded and added to firefox to enhance your firefox. The best thing is, that you can only download the ones you need so Firefox stays small and fast.

    How to install extensions?

    Click on the link to the extension and let it download! After it finishes, just close FireFox and open it again ! Now click on the toobar and click Customize, find the icon that co-responds to the extension you installed and drag it onto the toolbar !

    Cookie Culler

    It's a add-on that allows you to protect the cookies you want to keep and delete the rest. It's kind of an extended and better version of the Cookie Manager that comes with FireFox. It adds a protection system to it.

    You can download the Cookie Culler here: http://mozdev.sweetooth.org/cookiecu...eculler1.02.xp

    After downloading and installing it: Click on the Cookie Culler icon you added on your toolbar: It will list all cookies you have, if you want to protect a cookie, just click on it and click protect, a YES should appear under the "Protected" category. Why protect cookies, simple: It may contain private data. You may wanna keep a cookie that is for AO but delete all the rest, simply protect the one you want and delete the rest with cookie culler !

    SwitchProxy Tool 0.9

    It's an add-on that allows you to switch through multiple proxy configurations while surfing the net in time intervals, and with that protect yourself and your PC from eyes looking for easy victims. What a proxy does is it sends your request for a webpage through the proxy server and asks the proxy server to get the website for you, that way your IP and privacy stay better protected. If you're working with multiple proxies this is perfect for you, it allows you to swtich between them with a mouse click, it also helps you organize them easily. You can add/edit/remove a proxy from the master list.

    Download here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.o...witchproxy.xpi

    After installing a toolbar should appear on your firefox browser. The rest is easy !


    X is a toolbar that allows you to remove private and sensitive data such as stored passwords, cookies, history, saved form info, history and cache (both HDD and memory).

    Download here: http://downloads.us-east3.mozdev.org/cdn/x/x.xpi

    SecurePassword Generator

    Who doesn't want a secure password for their account right? With this, creating a secure password i easy, you can select if it should contain lower/upper case letter, the lenghts of the password or if it should be alpha-numeric. If it's hard for you to remember passwords, this add-on can create something called Mnemonic Passwords, Mnemonic Passwords are passwords easy to remember beceause with the use of vowels they look like real words.

    Download Here: http://jgillick.nettripper.com/secur...d.xpi?rand=169

    Nuke Anything & Nuke Image

    Also two very nice ones to have, you can remove any object from a page's layout with Nuke Anything, or you could remove an image from the layout via the context menu !

    Nuke Anything: http://ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla/nukeanything.xpi
    Nuke Image: http://ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla/nukeimage.xpi

    A List of all extensions can be found here: http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/

    I listed those that benefit you to secure your online life and privacy.

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    It should be noted that a Firefox extension, if you choose to download and install it, has no restrictions as to what it's allowed to do, so download only from honourable locations.


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    Nice tutorial, and timely too as it appear's more and more user's prefer firefox. Might I add though (and I tend to do this alot) but this should be in the "Other Tutorial's" section more than this one. This tutorial doesn't have anything really to do with security, it belong's in the other forum. Anyways, good job!
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    Securing your IP and online privacy and making a Secure password doesnt have anything to do with Security ? I don''t know what does than ?

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    I don't mean to seem like I'm attacking you, but this thread is about a browser...and the info could be found on the website...it does belong in 'Other" at the least.... heh, and thanks Slarty, I didn't know that the extensions had that much control, and wouldn't have even thought about it if someone didn't bring it up...
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    I dont have anything against you bludegon, everything can be foud on the web. I just created a somehwat shorter version. If the mod feels like it should be moved, feel free mods.

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    eh, like I said, nothing against you, man, half the tutorials are a rehash of things you can find elsewhere...with a few astounding exceptions...those are the ones that happen to use many sources and experience and combine them into an understandable format....*coughs, *mubbles horsie's tuts...
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    Having just started using Fiefox (installed it yesterday) having an intro to the plugins is a great help.

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    I recommend Mouse Gestures for any user of Firefox. With mouse gestures, you can do alot of things twice as fast.
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