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Thread: Overcomg laziness :(

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    Overcomg laziness :(

    I've been trying to learn to Code in C for about 3 days now.I can already code in VB,and ASM,but i'm not good at ASM.Anyway,i've reached to the part that describes the arrays.But whenever i try reading anymore i feel lazy.Bah..
    has any of you ever felt that?any suggestions on how to overcome this?

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    a couple of bottles of beer seem to take care of that for me... I dont know what works for you. Try sleeping.

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    I have had that kind of frustration learning C and ASM, and the best advice I can give is that you should take a break for a few days or more, to let things absorb. For me, OpenGL in C++ and ASM were both really friggin' frustrating and I had to take some time to get out and forget about it for a few days, week, whatever. Go to a party or something. Don't get in trouble tho.
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    LOL, I'm having the same problem I've stopped reading my c++ book ever since they got into arrays. I force myself to read.

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    I find getting out of the house and doing something to be a good way to overcome laziness.

    If I get out and do something it gives me a chance to refresh from my girl, work, school and computers.

    I prefer to mountain bike, hike, play disc golf, rollerblade, fish, rock climb, camp out for a weekend, go 4x4, or anything outdoors. Even a night at the bar can help out... but I'm even more lazy the next day because I'm recovering...

    If I get bored with a book... I'll head down to the beach. When I get tired of reading a bit... I can look up at the ladies (can't do more than look... I already have a girl)... or jump in the water and then get back to my book.

    My state actually has a site that promotes these types of activities.
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    cybr1d, booze loosens up everything, the mood and the ideas , it works great for me too

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    Take up skateboarding.

    Yeah, arrays are a pain in the land of C/C++. Ah, but things get so, so much more worse, the nightmare has only begun! It's worth it though.

    What worked for me during my most bogged-down years of college was this method:

    1) Study
    2) Playstation for half an hour
    3) Study
    4) Playstation
    5) Study
    6) Playstation

    Hopefully, you're seeing a pattern here...Graduated barely under 3.5 GPA. Thank you Sony!

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    Ali -

    Don't think you are alone. When I first started learning computers I decided I would start with learning HTML. So as everyone here knows HTML is incredibly simple so it was very easy to learn and I saw fast results.

    After HTML I decided why stop with that so I turned to VB. Well I started to not like VB but I pushed through not taking time to let it soak in (bad idea). Well after that I didn't really wanna even look at anything having to do with programming for a while and I started to focus more on graphics and 3D design and that sorta stuff. Well soon after learning a about graphics I started learning java and I liked it and read (even through arrays or objects) alot. However I soon after abandoned it for I could not focus on the coding.

    Now, fast-forward to today. I am sitting in front of my computer around 10 - 12 hours a day (consistently) and I love it. How I don't get bored of reading and learning is my varying my computer activities and after I get out work I try to do something fun for myself. Like go swimming then get some, run then get some, play some soccer then get some, smoke a bunch of cigarrettes then get some, go out with the lady, get some or go drinking then get some. Then the next day I am either recovering or I feel refreshed ready to take on the world. But either way I don't get bored with computers to get a 'computer depression.'

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    I've never found learning anything computer related frustrating. And I also seldom get bored for more than 15 minutes behind a computer. If I am reading a computer related book I only stop reading when I want to actually use a computer instead of reading about them or when it's time for dinner
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    Never frustrated? El, you must be some sorta cyber-Jedi. When it comes to programming, I get frustrated often, especially when your bug is some itty-bitty character in code that has been misplaced or mistyped, and you have to spend the next couple of hours trying to find it (which is why I'm not a programmer!).

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