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Thread: choosing a secure webhost

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    choosing a secure webhost

    If i were to get paid hosting to host a website,what should i look for in the host?i'm talking about security related stuff here.How can i find out if hosting my site there would make it vulnerable or not?what should be the general criteria?
    Also..i read that any password can be cracked using a brute forcer..stronger passwords will make it harder to crack but it will still get cracked eventually.Is this right?and what can i do to help reduce the damage?
    do you guys recommend a host?(I might use affiliate links if the host really is good).

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    well HDD space and bandwidth is something to look at as well. If you purchase a server to rent out, make sure you keep it up to date, install firewall and patch it up. Do a little research on what you're going to make available to the public, I.E. FTP, SSH, and whatnot....check for vulnerabilities and patch em up.

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    Most web-hosts that aren't secure won't stick around too long. Look for a host that has been up and running for a long time and chances are you won't have any security problems. I would recommend 1and1.com hosting. They had a promotion on awhile ago for 3 years of free hosting (unfortunatley it's done now). I am just pleased with the amount of features I get with it. I not only have FTP access to the space, but there is SSH access, on-line database setup tools, statistic pages, site generators, a cgi debugger and I could go on. I believe it is their cheapest package and for the $5 a month it is well worth it.

    In terms of passwords, yes any password can be brute-forced. It's just like someone guessing your password. You can't make one up that can't guessed so none exist that can't be brute forced. If you had a password of "john", a simple dictionary attack could brute force it in minutes, whereas if you had "a37o1D$p3" as a password, random passwords would have to be run against it but eventually, many days or weeks later. of would be matched.

    I hope this at least clears a few things up. Let me know if you need more info.
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