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Thread: Help! Sendmail Problem

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    Help! Sendmail Problem

    Now i have used sendmail; before on older versions of linux eg. Redhat 7.0. The question i have now is, why cant i send to hotmail using a newer version of sendamail and Linux?Is there some security issue with hotmail and sendmail?
    or is there some settings i am missing?Any help would be appreciated,Thanks

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    Some more information would be helpful, such as error messages if any. Can you send mail to hotmail or msn normally? The problem could be anything really. The more info you can provide the better chance your question will get answered.
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    have u encountered the same problem with other providers such as yahoo? didnt you miss any required fields in the mail you maid such as the subject line etc.? pls. try to provide more info regarding the problem.. so alot of people can help.
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    You may find that it is a product of where you are sending from. I know AOL and Roadrunner both block email from Comcast's public address block via the RBL, (real time black hole list), (I found that out for myself.... when I couldn't send to certain people). try going to the RBL and putting your IP address in and see if it is blocked.
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    Thanks tiger shark i am thinking the same thing it may have something to do with me running the server as a standalone Unit as well. The scripting is pretty standared what Redhat Fedora Supplies. Which do some more Searching.

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