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Thread: netstat question

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    netstat question

    a question for anyone familiar with netstat.....which i am not (at all)
    3 days ago my computer started to lagg really bad.....i checked netstat..im running a windows xp os....
    and i came up with some strange results..at least they seem to be abnormal to me...

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Pat>netstat

    Active Connections

    Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
    TCP MERLIN:3117 localhost:3118 ESTABLISHED
    TCP MERLIN:3118 localhost:3117 ESTABLISHED
    TCP MERLIN:3326 pclick2.data.ssl.dcn.yahoo.com:http CLOSING
    TCP MERLIN:3554 jcs1.chat.dcn.yahoo.com:8002 ESTABLISHED
    TCP MERLIN:3965 v13.vc.scd.yahoo.com:5001 ESTABLISHED
    TCP MERLIN:3977 user-12lm95o.cable.mindspring.com:48615 LAST_AC
    TCP MERLIN:4043 qtsoftware.apple.com:http CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP MERLIN:4055 c-24-0-120-40.client.comcast.net:22341 TIME_WAI
    TCP MERLIN:4062 pcp03631088pcs.riogrd01.nj.comcast.net:36093 FI
    TCP MERLIN:4082 dhcp-80c-1182.unm.edu:27848 TIME_WAIT
    TCP MERLIN:4110 cpe-066-057-145-020.nc.rr.com:7373 ESTABLISHED
    TCP MERLIN:4114 VDSL-151-118-5-46.DNVR.QWEST.NET:40607 ESTABLIS
    TCP MERLIN:4115 12-217-5-33.client.mchsi.com:31136 ESTABLISHED
    TCP MERLIN:4120 wiley-231-2802.roadrunner.nf.net:59042 ESTABLIS

    if you can help tell me what all this is or know a good site to research this....(if it is a problem and what to do about it)
    please lend a hand to a total noob ........
    oh.................if i have put info that will comprimise my computers security..please let me know and i will handle it..

    thank you very much..your help is appreciated and is this the reason for the sudden lagg in my system?
    and possible things i can do to prevent this in the future?

    thx again

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    Table G.1. Possible Session States in netstat output
    State	Description
    LISTEN	accepting connections
    ESTABLISHED	connection up and passing data
    SYN_SENT	TCP; session has been requested by us; waiting for reply from remote endpoint
    SYN_RECV	TCP; session has been requested by a remote endpoint for a socket on which we were listening
    LAST_ACK	TCP; our socket is closed; remote endpoint has also shut down; we are waiting for a final acknowledgement
    CLOSE_WAIT	TCP; remote endpoint has shut down; the kernel is waiting for the application to close the socket
    TIME_WAIT	TCP; socket is waiting after closing for any packets left on the network
    CLOSED	socket is not being used (FIXME. What does mean?)
    CLOSING	TCP; our socket is shut down; remote endpoint is shut down; not all data has been sent
    FIN_WAIT1	TCP; our socket has closed; we are in the process of tearing down the connection
    FIN_WAIT2	TCP; the connection has been closed; our socket is waiting for the remote endpoint to shut down
    if you wanna read more on it:


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    thank you for that link...i have been using the "my chat" chat client and have noticed that when i turn it off the lag in my computer has gone down considerably....
    i will be sure to look at the link you provided...

    i have also noticed that something is ..well...i guess i better explain as i dont know the tech. term for this...
    i reboot....my memory seems fine at first and my cpu usage is at like 15%......but!! my page file usage is at 241 (is this a virus?)...this cant be normal..right?
    or am i just parranoid?
    and could this also be the reason for the slowdown in my computer? <----i know this is off topic and i appologize.
    thank you again for the link!

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    depens how much ram you have, how good the proccessor is etc....241 sounds about good, i dont think it's a virus, but do a scan to be certain, if you dont have an AV installed use the web to scan ur PC. here are some good link


    i'd suggest you use the Tredn Micro one. i heard it's good.

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    thank you
    you have been very kind in replying to my silly questions

    i did a virus scan and came up negative....

    thats great to hear that 241 is normal....i heard that if it gets to high it could wear down and eventually destroy the system., that had me concerned,.
    i do virus scans costantly and my mcaffre av went out of date so iam now using avg anti-virus
    i wont take up anymore of your time and thanks again for the advice

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    .i heard that if it gets to high it could wear down and eventually destroy the system.,
    Yeah the system can crash .

    Question: What does page file usage mean?
    Answer: Page file usage measures how much of the page file is currently in use. The page file is used by Windows to emulate RAM preventing the system from running out of resources, even if all physical memory has been allocated. Running out of page file or swap file space usually results in serious performance problems or even a crash.

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