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    I have been wondering what RPC is. I got an automatic system shutdown a few days ago and in the shutdown box it mentioned RPC. What is it? Why did it shut me down? Im on Windows XP Pro if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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    RPC (Remote Procedure Calls)...a few worms are know to exploit a vanruablity to shutdown your PC.....It might be blaster worm.......Try using this blaster removal tool W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool..

    You can Stop RPC from shutting Down your system by following the following steps

    Originally posted here by allenb1963
    To keep RPC from shutting down Windows:
    Start---->Control Panel---->Administrative tool---->Services---->RPC (there are 2 services with the RPC label, DO NOT CHOOSE THE LOCATOR SERVICE!!!). Highlight RPC and right click, choose properties from the menu. Select the recovery tab in the properties window, and for first, second and subsequent failures have your system restart the service (restart the system is selected by default).

    What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm

    --Good LUck--

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    RPC works like this:

    A machine has a bunch of services that need to run, only they don't have a port assignment. Hmmm, tough luck? Not really. Your system assigns these services a random port number that is not in use and then registers it with the RPC service. This allows the remote machine to connect without really having to know many network details.

    Along comes your machine on the network, and it would like to access one of these services (or programs). Your machine asks the RPC service where it can find the service it is looking for. RPC responds to your machine, which then connects up to the service based on the info that it received from the RPC service. When I learned how RPC works, my mentor told me to think of RPC as the information booth at Grand Central Station. As you can see, I still explain it the same way.

    This is a very simplified explanation. Many technical things happen during the above process but I'm not exactly in the mood to write a technical tutorial on RPC.

    Hope this helps you out.
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