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Thread: Too close to home

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    Too close to home

    Just recently, here in Virginia, a middle school boy was narrowly
    prevented from staging another nasty school shooting rampage.
    Apparently, he was a "good kid" who was bullied a lot, but get this...

    One year ago, an 11-year-old boy dressed in camouflage tried to take over his Wellsboro, Pa., middle school. He had obsessively trained on Metal Gear Solid 2, a commando game in which the hero wears a red bandanna. The Bull Run boy was sporting a red bandanna a clue.

    It's the video game demon again. Maybe there is some truth to it.
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    and there's a good reason why some games (like, if I'm not mistaken MGS2) have minimum age requirements (same as movies) - I wouldn't have let an 11 yr old play something like MSG2 - its clearly designed for older teenagers and the 20-30 something market
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    Besides, it's a blue bandanda...Rambo wears a red bandana. They're blaming the wrong guy.

    What the heck kinda "training" is MGS2 anyway? What, the kid attacks thinking as long as he's five feet outside of the forward cone of someone's vision, he can't be seen?

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    Yeh, right It's pathetic to blame the video game, but then again they don't put the rating's on the box for nothing. An 11 year old probably would be easy influenced to do something like that by a game meant more for the adult crowd.
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    I wonder where the parents were for all of this? How did an 11 year old get a rifle? Not even Walmart would sell to an 11 year old. (Unless the gun laws were revoked) Lock guns up if you have children in the house or put them out of reach of the child.
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