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Thread: How can i trace someone?

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    Hi lepricaun,

    I am still experimenting, but I would imagine that tracert is an inside out app, and is not fast enough to resolve the proxies?.............that is a pure guess by the way, but I will look into it.

    I have not noticed any difference in response whilst it is not loaded, was this your situation, or just when it was switched off (icon still in the tray)?

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    Originally posted here by Info Tech Geek - They are working on a feature to direct you to the exact street address and also prints out MapQuest directions. The ultimate stalker tool.
    hehe that locator tool told me I live in dunwoody, georgia and I, well, don't.

    I raised a few eyebrows recently when I said if I were in that IRC channel with the kid who ODed I could've sent help. Many people misinterpreted this as me saying I could find his address with his IP and that's not what I meant. With his IP you can find his ISP's contact info and his user info. by contacting his ISP and telling them this user was in distress they could notify the authorities and the kid might've survived.
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    I have not noticed any difference in response whilst it is not loaded, was this your situation, or just when it was switched off (icon still in the tray)?
    the only thing still "running" is the new toolbar in IE, there is no active icon in the tray, and i think nothing running in taskmgr, but i'm not sure though, like i said i've unistalled, but as i'm typing this, i will install it again to see if something else is running in the background that can influence browsing speed.

    as for tracert, i have a copy of neotrace pro, so i will see if this is working with neotrace, this program should be fast enough to keep up with the proxies...
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    well, even with neotrace you can't see the route via the proxies...

    and after killling every process not normally ran by windows, i still have a slow connection, the only thing solving it is a complete uninstall...
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    cool proxy site: :-)
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    ummm how about is there a program that could go into someone elses files
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    1,836 thick can a person be...?
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