This is just basically a list of plugins I find useful for my Mozilla. I'm running Mozilla 1.7.

Adblock - Filters images based on text contained in source. Very userful for blocking banner ads. With this and Mozilla's built-in popup blocking I hardly see ads any more.

Tabbrowser extensions - Gives you many features and things to do with tabbed browsing. I consider it a must. It allows you to rearrange the order of tabs, color them for easy reference, save opened tabs, and much much more.

Radia Context Menu - Basically it's mouse-gestures with a visible menu and a lot more features. Extremely nice.

Smooth Wheel - Know how in Mozilla doesn't do the IE smooth scroll? Well, now it does! Fully customizable depending upon if you like a fast, medium, or slow scroll.

DownloadStatusbar - Keep track of downloads in an autohide statusbar. Useful if you like to glance down and see how far a download has proceeded.

Post all your favorites (nice if you'd include links)!