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Thread: Screenshot thread...

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    T3h 1337 N00b kryptonic's Avatar
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    Screenshot thread...

    I know it has been done before but i thought it would be nice to see everyones rapidly changeing desktops. So please post some screenshots.

    heres one of my desktop- Windows XP professional

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    HeadShot Master N1nja Cybr1d's Avatar
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    that SS is not working for me...try doing JPG format.

    This is my desktop: http://www.ao-clan.net/1cedesktop.JPG
    Here are some Counter-STrike screenshots: http://www.ao-clan.net/pg7.html

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    Here is my boring desktop from my linux machine

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    AO French Antique News Whore
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    My WinXP Machine, DualScreen.. The program running on second screen is call Samurize.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Well here's a shot of my win98 box..
    Nothing spectacular just something easy on the eyes..

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    Here's my longhorn desktop (alpha build )

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    here's my XP Pro Desktop !

    No, i dont like using themes

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    Ok here is my current desktop (today only).
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    hey moxnix any chance of getting a copy of the wallpaper your using in the screen shot..?..

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    I love this one it is me and the guys having a party.

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