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Thread: cant uninstall dreamweaver could it be some type of trojan

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    cant uninstall dreamweaver could it be some type of trojan

    Ok i have the trail version of dream weaver and it wont unnistall THe progressbar moves and it looks like its unistalling but its not.Evey time i run unistall spy bot s&d pops up and says that there are some spy ware. I dont know how to explain it so i took some snap shots

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    How about you update your AV, spyware and trojan scanners, and scan in safe mode? Afterwards, try uninstalling in safe mode, and if not, post a Hijack This log, but don't remove any entrys in the HJT log. You can get to safe mode by pressing F8 before Windows boots up.

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    Greetings Disturb, Glad to see that you have stuck it out here.

    I noticed according to your BMP. that you have the top tab selected (clicked) regarding your options within S&D, I would imagine that you should select the "do not allow", option, as it may be a persistent cookie, that is attempting to allow access to DW, when you log on to the Web. This occurs quite often in "Trial" versions, and in fully registered ones as well, as many of these progs. have a live update feature.

    If you select this feature the "problem" with the persistent cookie request should be taken care of by S&D automatically.

    Purge your cookies, and use a utility to do so, as Windows "Internet Tools", does a crappy job of it.

    Hope this helps

    --Edit Spelling (persistant??? sic) hehe

    Have a Great weekend.
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    do you think that i should install again and then unistall

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    You could try using a restore point before dreamweaver was installed. that should fix the problem

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