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Thread: 3rd hard-drive..

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    3rd hard-drive..

    Ok i'm just wondering can i hook up a 3rd hard disk to one of my Box's..
    It's already got 2 40GB hard drive's installed and i've just gone and purchased another 40Gb hard drive as the computer in question has ran out of space..
    And if i can install it what do i have the jumper setting as?

    *First drive = Master
    *Second = Slave
    *Third = ????


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    First = Primary Master
    Second = Primary Slave

    Third = Secondary Master/Slave
    CDROM/DVD Drive = Secondary Slave/Master

    Of course, if you have two CD/DVD drives, you're temporarily out of luck. What you'd need to do is get an IDE expansion card that goes into a free PCI slot on your motherboard. You can then connect a few extra IDE devices to the card. An example of this can be found here and you can buy one here.

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    I believe it is possible if you have a power supply that will supply enough juice to run it and not burnout I would put the third Hd on the secondary ide cable. if you have the first and second drive on the primary ide cable as far as the jumper settings go I am going to take a guess on that I'd try it as a secondary slave.

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    Ok thanks for that, i've hooked the drive up with complete success..
    Kudos to you both

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