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Thread: Knoppix--bootable CD

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    Knoppix--bootable CD

    Ok, I think this is the right forum, because this is about Knoppix, but feel free to move it because I'm not quite sure what forum this goes in...

    Anyway, after going through a couple of different CD-ROM curning programs, and 5 of 6 discs, I decided to turn to AntiONline for hlep as you've always been able to help me in the past

    Here's the problem: I'm trying to burn Knoppix onto a CD-ROm but it isn't working...after I burn it as a bootable ISO image, I boot up and select boot from CD-ROM, but it just ignores it. I've checked my boot order, but it is just ignoring the CD...help much appreciated. (btw, I'm currently running WinXP if that helps)

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    Did you check the md5 checksum to make sure you got all the files.

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    Now although I seriously doubt this is the case... You did not burn the ISO as it is unto the disc right? No I am not trying to insult your intelligence, but it happens... Power up whatever burning software you have and select something on the lines of "burn from image" ["load tracks" if you're using fireburner] and that should do it. As a check, see if you have dirs on the disc after it's done, because one file won't do the trick

    Again I know it might not be the problem, but just to cover another angle.

    But if you did burn it right and the md5sum is the same... try a different burner?

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    As said before:

    - The file(s) could be corrupt / some files could be missing : check DeadAddict's solution.

    - You could be doing something wrong burning the CD : check out IsoRecorder - it's a free little power toy that attaches to your right-click menu. Just install it, then right-click your .iso file and select "copy image to CD".

    - Did you try another bootable CD to make sure it's not a hardware-related problem?

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    Just as a side note.. to check a program's MD5 sum in Windows you can download a small but useful program called, incidentally, WinMd5Sum

    I hope you get the problem solved


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    The answere to this is in the question. You burnt it as a bootable iso.
    It already is. You should have just burnt the iso.The extra files that the burning software coppied to the cd are what is cousing your problem.

    Did the exact same thing first attempt to burn my copy of knoppix.
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    ya its kinda late to reply but even i had this problem yesterday,and more over this thread was unconcluded
    so here goes

    step 1.extract the knnopix file with win RAR
    step 2.there will be a knnopix directory inside which you will an .exe find a file which makes a bootable floppy
    step 3.now open your cmos, change the boot order to a:
    step 4.put in your floppy and boot
    step 5.you will be greeted witth a knnopix screen press enter
    step 6.choose the mode of start up
    step 7.enter your cd

    the line i just mentioned are the ones of creating form a live knnopix cd
    hope it helps

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    yourdeadin, I have never tried your idea, but what the others have said is alot easier. I guess if you do not have an app. to burn cds, then your idea would be the way to go. I use nero in windows. I just burn the iso image, put the cd in, and it boots up any of the live-cds that I use.

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    well, that is what the trouble Nielsosky13 is having
    after I burn it as a bootable ISO image, I boot up and select boot from CD-ROM, but it just ignores it. I've checked my boot order, but it is just ignoring the CD..
    even i had this troulble my self and that's how i got to the bottem of it
    any ways

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    I had almost the same problem yesterday. Negative i downloaded and installed your software i got the Copy to CD on my right click but it wont start up my burn software (record now) This software sucks i got to find a new one but anyway i burned Knoppix again this time as a image, I changed the cmos and rebooted it almost worked i felt it.

    I must be missing some of the files I am working on doing a MD5 Checksum. But i am getting an error XP is telling me that KMD.exe is responding and has to shutdown. KMD.exe is a Linux file right??? I cant wait to get Knoppix working so i can mess around with it before i download SUSE. Thanks AntiONline

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