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    Hello Guys!!!
    i am new so please spare me if something is not i line.
    I need some urgent technical assistance over the following matter, and I will be really thank full if u can help me out in this.
    I have a computer with the internet connection(using the ADSL), and I have to provide the internet to the other computer, we are using Windows XP and both the computers have the LAN card.
    What I want to do is provide the internet connection and do not provide any other information that is lying on my computer to the other computer.
    Do I need a router for that or can I do that with a simple networking cable, please let me know what will be the advantages and disadvantages of the method that will be adopted.
    I just want to give the other computer the internet connection and no other information. Will there be some way of monitoring the internet usage of the other computer once the connection has been established and running.

    I appreciate ur time ad patience.

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    Once you have the approprate cable needed, hook it up, go to your control panel, and run your network wizard.

    In that you can set it up to share an internet connection, and any sharing you would like (or not sharing as the case may be).

    Although, personally, I would consider getting a router. That way you will be adding another layer of security. Routers for home use a very cheap nowdays.
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    Hi Harbir,

    Will there be some way of monitoring the internet usage of the other computer once the connection has been established and running.
    What exactly do you mean by that?

    I would guess that your major concern would be "contention" which is what happens when too much pressure is put on an ADSL link. There is software that will control the use of the other computer by only allowing it to connect at certain times, only connect for so long per day, and by "capping" the bandwidth that it is allowed to use.

    It might be an idea to check the terms of your contract with your provider first?

    just a thought

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    Having a router reduces the workload on the main computer also since it does not need to forward packets [?]. Keep in mind that most BB ISPs these days tend to care for the MAC address when they give out Internet signal [but a router will clone it and using one comp to fwd packets will also use the reg MAC add; maybe your ISP is different?]. From experience I couldn't work it with a hub.

    Question: is your contract allowing you for more then one IPs? If so, try to connect the other computer to another phone switch. The cable and a phone splitter woul d be even cheaper than a router or another NIC.

    [P.S. : on the topic of MAC adds, I'm connecting through a spoofed one now since my friend's ISP filters signal depending on the MAC. too bad the 'stock' wifi card I have wouldn't allow for simple spoofing or even promisc mode. but that's another topic ]

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