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    Some quesions about configuring firewall.

    I know that to keep basic baseline of your computer,you should block such incoming ports:455,135,139,1024-1030,icmp protocol

    But I think it is not safe enough.Will anyone give me a solution about how to configure a safer firewall by using ZoneAlarm?


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    Nicolle, this link was the closest I could find to a explanation of configuring your ZA firewall.
    I'm pretty sure ZA comes with predefined rulesets (from what I've read), although I haven't used it before, so I'm not sure.
    Anyways, here's the link


    I'll see if I can find some more for you. I didn't realize what a pain in the ass it was to find any kind of standard ZA firewall configuration sites.

    **note - I just noticed your other thread about using exploits to create shells in Win2K and creating admin accounts. I'm not sure if my advice here is wasted or not, as I don't prefer to help malicious individuals on any level.
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    Just remember the golden rule which applies for ALL firewalls. Drop everything, and allow only what you specifically NEED.

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    I don,t know if you have any specific reason for using zone alarm but I have been using xp,s firewall together with pc-cillin 2003,s firewall and all settings set at medium safety and so far I havent had any troubles.But then again you as the user should specify what to let through and what not as istronics has rightfully stated.

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    Ok, for starters. XP's firewall pretty much sucks. It gives basic protection, when properly configured, but lacks advanced features such as application control and whatnot.

    As far as Zone Alarm goes, Instronics has the answer. Drop everything, and only let in what you need.

    You may want to look into Kerio as a firewall. I found it incredibly easy to configure, and it's looks nice too. It also has the advantage of having a built in IDS. (Yes, Pooh Sun Tzu converted me. I was a former Sygate user.)

    Oh yeah, Vanman, are you using 2 firewalls on the same machine?

    EDIT: Just to clear things up. Use only 1 firewall at a time. Same goes for antivirus. Using both ZA and Kerio will cause conflicts. It also makes the machine less secure, both through a lessened ability to deal with intrusions (the conflicts I spoke of) and also by increasing the complexity of your defenses (making an exploit more likely).
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    "You may want to look into Kerio as a firewall"

    Kerio Firewall won't work with ZoneAlarm.
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    Just remember the golden rule which applies for ALL firewalls.
    I coulda sworn don't use ZoneAlarm was the golden rule

    Kerio Firewall won't work with ZoneAlarm.
    I think he mean's convert, or switch over to Kerio from ZoneAlarm. Personally I prefer Outpost, but Kerio or Sygate work's fine if you're familiar with them.
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    If you really want to use Zone Alarm, then set the firewall and program control options to "high".

    I would suggest that you do it on a "reference machine", by that I mean a machine that has all the software and requirements of your production macines.

    Obviously if this is a single, home computer, you just use that.

    You will be prompted to grant permissions to any programs that want to access the internet. if you find this a problem, then grant permission and tell Zone Alarm to remember your answer (tick a little box down the bottom left)................be sure you know what it is and what it does though

    After a while you will have achieved the best security settings that you can with Zone Alarm.

    Please look through the tutorials forum on this site, as there are many other aspects to systems security than your firewall.

    Good luck

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    And when the option comes up to allow a program it will have an option to read more about whatever is asking for access. If you don't know the process go to that page and check it out and if they don't know and you don't know you may wanna look a llittle deeper into whatever it is.
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    After a while you will have achieved the best security settings that you can with Zone Alarm.
    Which isn't really saying much

    and if they don't know and you don't know you may wanna look a llittle deeper into whatever it is.
    That's right, via google.com or any of your favorite search engine's.
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