I've been trying to set up IPCOP as a firewall on my home network.

Cable Modem:
IPCOP: (2gb hd, 640kb base memory/80896kb extended memory, 2 nic cards)
ROUTER: (speadstream s2510 cable router, DHCP enabled/address range -
LAN: 2 client computers running windows XP professional (ips and are being assigned by router)

I'm trying to connect the cable modem to the ipcop machine to the router then the LAN clients...unfortunately, I can't seem to establish connectivity with the IPCOP box.

I've tried enableing/disabling dhcp at the router, neither to any avail.

I have tried plugging the ipcop into router port 4 rather than routers WAN port...I still can't ping it.

I have tried re-installing IPCOP and switching nics configured as LAN (green).....no change.

I'm running out of ideas here.....help?