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Thread: setting up a router

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    setting up a router

    hey all
    i cleaned my room a few days ago and found all the parts to turn a compy into a router
    my plan is to take our cable connection and split it in 2...1 to my router in my room, 1 to our belkin wireless router

    the belkin wont allow an ftp server for somereason so im doing this

    ive got 3 nics
    1 for cabel
    2 for the routers

    its a P3 450 slot 1 , 192 sdram, 1.5gig hdd

    i was going to either use redhat9 or slackware

    if anyone here knows what i need to do to set these up please share ur info

    i dont need to setup a firewall...all my compies use linux so im good, plus i dont have any enemies so im not that worried....and the belkin doesnt let anything in and hardly anything out so im good their....all i need to know is how to make it a router....

    thanks all
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    Actually waht I would do is use something lke IPCOP or Smoothwall

    They're both meant to be firewall/router,
    If you don't go with that, then setting up in RedHat 9 or Slack should be as easy as following some instructions fom the GUI.

    Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about *nix systems, but I'm sure youd have to go under network then find routing somewhere in threre. I know when you install RH, you have a option of making your box a router/DHCP server.

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