Hi all who have helped me in the past -

I love this site - I just wish that I was knowledgeable enough to actually answer a question for someone or Post a Tutorial - until I am I will just have to keep asking questions until I have learned.............

Thanks again for all who have helped me in the past---

I have a business that deals with eCommerce (Marketing and Promotion) and part of a new contract I have written up is that it will be my responsibility to organize the accounting and balance sheets for the internet side of the joint venture. What I want to do is set up MS excell so that when new data is entered on my computer it will update on a clients computer as well.
I am sure that setting up networks is not the proper or most secure way to go about it - and the only other thing I can think of is FTP. (which I know there are a few fine Tuts on Antionline about). I am very inexperienced with FTP. Are there other suggestions as to going about setting up a 'shared spreadsheet', and if FTP is the best way what are some security precautions I need to account for in the initial stages of setup?

Thanks again to all who offer input - it is always appreciated